Related Database won't disappear

I created a relation on my principal database with another database, and, after a while, I decided I didn’t want that other database to keep appearing when I opened the main database. I went into the menu and unchecked the relation with the other database, and made sure that it was not selected in either database. But every time I opened the main database, the old related database appeared again. There was no way I could see to sever the other database from the relation. So I had to rename the other database so the principal database would not recognize it. Now I keep getting a message that the other database can’t be found. What a pain.

Sounds like the you set the second DB to open when you open the first one in File>Database Options>Auxiliary and then forgot you had.

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I did set it as you say, but assumed in wouldn’t open once I terminated the relationship.

The auxiliary database feature is completely independent from the relationship feature. There are other reasons why you might want an auxiliary database to open besides having a relationship set up. So no, turning off the relationship does not also turn off the auxiliary database setting.

Thanks. It worked.