Record locking error

I received this error after a series of clicks that I cannot recall precisely:

I had to force quit to recover. This is the second time I have seen this. I guess this is one of the hooks Jim said were already built into PanX, on the way to a server version.

Yes it is, but that message should never appear now. If you ever figure out the series of clicks that causes this, I would like to know.

I have just encountered this as well, but I couldn’t tell you how I got here. I will try again and see if it happens again. Using build 2413.

I am encountering this consistently now, doing the same thing each time. I have a form that is opened by pushing a button on another form. In this case, a new record is created, then this form is opened and functions as an entry form for the new record. At this point, I am pressing the “Cancel” button on my new form (never mind, I don’t want to add a new record), which executes a short procedure in the Procedure pane that first shows a message confirming that I am at that point, then it calls an external procedure that does only this:


It sometimes works as intended, but mostly today it actually appears to skip (or fail to execute) the DeleteRecord command and just closes the window (the newly called form). And when it does this, the new blank record in the main form remains showing, and it is locked up tight. Clicking in any editable field gets the error message about being locked by another user; navigation buttons do nothing and the delete record button does nothing. Trying to close the database gets me the choices about saving or reverting, but neither seems to do anything and it finally gives me the beachball forever.

I’ve done this sequence several times today with the same result, but just to complicate things I just did it again and even though it did all the things I just described, it did not lock up this time. And I was able to close it without incident.

And so I have had to Force Quit most times this happened, and I saved the entire text of the report in case anyone would like to see it.

Please try putting an unlockrecord statement in front of the deleterecord statement. I think there is a good chance that this will fix the problem (of course that will not be the permanent fix), please let me know.

Several quick tests, and no problem. It seems to have done the trick.

Are you interested in the Force Quit report?

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Excellent. Thanks for reporting back. Essentially, what I need to do is embed the unlockrecord statement into the deleterecord statement. It should have been there all along, every action that modifies the database or changes the current record does this, but it got missed here.

I don’t need the Force Quit report, thanks, as I already know what the fix is. Also, reports generated by Apple’s code have no symbolic information for Panorama X, so they are 98% gibberish for me.

So now this is the first bug fix for Panorama Server, even though it isn’t out yet! (This would have definitely caused a problem with the server version.)

So do I get one of those little medals for a “first”?