Query for text list search

I want to change the query used for a Text List:

currently the query is:

(«_liveSearch» = “”) or (exportcell(«Name») contains «_liveSearch»)

I want the records retrieved to meet these criteria PLUS I want to only show records where exportcell(«Active») does not contain “Inactive”

I have no idea what the appropriate syntax would be for this, or if this is even possible.

any help would be appreciated.

I think this would do it.

Active notcontains "Inactive" and ((«_liveSearch» = “”) or (exportcell(«Name») contains «_liveSearch»))

I don’t think you have to use the exportcell function around Active, but I am not certain.

You really don’t need the exportcell( function here. The expression would be

((«_liveSearch» = "") or «Name» contains «_liveSearch») and «Active» notcontains "Inactive"

Thanks so much. That’s just what I needed.