QNA email list - IS it history?

Is the QNA list now dead? Replaced by this?

My last email received was October 21, 2016.

No. Not quite. I count 7 messages since that date, including your question on Sunday, and three answers to it. You might want to check your spam filter.

Ah. I think I figured it out. I bet you’re a digest subscriber. Seven messages apparently hasn’t been enough to trigger a digest.

I have been on the QNA for likely almost as long as it has existed.

If I am enrolled as a ³Digest ³ subscriber please enroll me ³normal² or

Thanks for the reply.

Just dipping my toe into the Forum. Not ready to comment yet.


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Click on your user icon in the upper right and select the little gear icon which is for preferences. Once that page opens scroll down and you will find “Enable mailing list mode”. Click the check box and select whether you want every post emailed or one daily email of all the days posts. Above this is another item named “Email” where you can customize the email actions.

I believe the question was about his QNA subscription, and why he hasn’t gotten any messages since Oct. 21. He’s not asking about the forum. I get the QNA digest at an alternate email address. My last digest was Oct. 22 at 12:59 AM CDT. On the west coast it would still have been Oct. 21.

I guess that line tripped me up. If he is trying to get his email mode changed for the old and disappearing QNA list he will have to rely on someone at ProVUE to manually do it. I just checked the ProVUE site and the pages for setting up your account for the QNA list are now all blank.