Puzzled about active usage statement


I plan to take advantage of the winter discount in just a few days. But I’m curious about “… leaving a balance of -1 active user months.” in my usage notice. Does that mean that the .25 hours of use in December had cost me a whole month of coverage once I buy a years worth; so I’ll only have paid coverage for 11 months? Or if I only used Panorama to check for updates and incurred another .25 hours in January I’d then have -2 active months and be even further behind.

I’d email direct but I’m guessing others might wonder about the “-1” active user months and how that figures (adds) in once they subscribe.

No, your account actually went to -1 at the end of October, which is the last time you had non-incidental usage of Panorama X. It went to zero at the end of last January, which was the last time you had significant usage before that.

Unlike some other software, we don’t shut you out of the program when the subscription expires. We do nag you to renew, and I imagine you saw that when you were using the software in October since the balance was already zero. The software also continues to track usage, so the balance can go negative. When you do renew, the negative balance (that you’ve already used) is deducted from the payment.

However, when the usage is minimal, as yours was in November and December, there is no deduction. So your balance went to -1 at the end of October, and has remained at -1 even though you had very light usage in November and December.

All that being said, it looks like there is an anamoly in your account from almost 3 years ago, so I am going to send you a private email about this after all.