Push Button Formula

This is probably an easy question for more experienced users:

I need to use a Push Button in a Form to trigger a procedure similar to the “Select Same” function in the Data Sheet. When button is pushed, it needs to select all records in the same Database where a given text field “X” matches that of the active record. I’m using the button because I don’t want the fields to appear on the Form itself. Can someone please give me a hint regarding how to code this procedure?

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let thisOne = X
select X = thisOne

Thanks a million Dave, for your quick response to my post!

Thirty minutes after signing up, you had read enough posts for the basic trust level, and could start a new topic. That’s impressive.

You can put Dave’s code directly into the “Code” part of the button’s properties, but the better way is to put it into a new procedure (e.g. named “Select Same”) and to put this line into the the Code property of the button:

call "Select Same"

I’m going to quibble with the characterization of this method as “better” in this particular case. It’s only two lines of code, and probably won’t be reused anywhere else. Personally, I would usually put this code right into the button.

When the code starts getting longer, or if the same code needs to be used from multiple buttons and/or menu items, then I definitely agree that putting the code in a separate named procedure is better.

I heartily agree. Welcome to Panorama Matt!