Properties window missing text

Opened and saved a Pan6 file in PanX. In Graphics Mode I clicked on a button and saw no indication that a Procedure was attached to the button. With two fingers on the trackpad I scrolled down and then saw the procedure name peeking down from above the frame. It immediately lurched up out of sight when I raised my fingers off the trackpad. I have attached a screen shot that shows the procedure name peeking out. Anyone else seeing this? Is there a workaround?

I’ve never seen that or heard any reports of that. Does the button work when you click on it?

If you could send me this database I’d like to see if I can reproduce this problem on my system. If possible it might be good to have both the original Panorama 6 file and the Panorama X file (compress them into a zip).

Thank you for responding to my very first PanX forum post.

The Time Stamp button does work. I have attached a zip file containing both the Pan6 and the PanX versions as “”.

None of the other buttons work. I created most of this file about seventeen years ago (but it feels longer) and I am having quite a bit of trouble getting myself revved up to the task of scripting again and figuring out why most of my buttons are not working. After the initial creation of the file around 1999, if I wanted to add a feature I would sort of close my eyes and add a new form, or throw a dart at a procedure window. :wink:

The button on the left is supposed to popup a list of the records by the Address field; the middle button is supposed to popup a list of the forms in the database; the Font-Size buttons are supposed to popup a list of respectively available Fonts or Sizes when a TESO is active and make the change to the Font or Size. You can see the buttons all working in Pan6.

By the way, in previous version of Pan, in graphics mode, holding down the command key when clicking on an object would select the object behind that object. This does not seem to work in PanX. How is that done in PanX? Thanks.

I have my forum settings set to send me emails. I am replying to your post by email and attaching the zip file to the reply email. If this is not the way it is supposed to work, let me know and I will log in to the forum’s web site. Thank you.

The forum doesn’t allow attachments. You’ll need to send an email to me directly.

Ok. My attachment was stripped off the email I sent, and the forum web site is saying that it does not accept .zip attachments. What am I missing? Thanks.

Please send the email directly to me, off the list. I’m sure you still know my email address.