Project and Task Management

Is anyone using PanX for project and task management?

I would be interested in the suitability and setup.

I guess the answer is “no” to that one!

You could be the first!!

I have project and task management modules that work in tandem with my DispatchIt! program, A project is created, participants are assigned from the Contacts file, tasks are created with due dates, task groups can be created, etc.


How are you finding PanX for project and task management and would you recommend it for such a task? The areas that it would need to cover would be:

  1. Linking tasks to projects
  2. Being able to convert a task to a project
  3. Due dates and a way to be notified or find what’s due
  4. Either links to documents or embedding documents
  5. Sorting projects and tasks based on criteria
  6. Linking to or embedding emails (linking preferably)
  7. A away to share the project or task list to non PanX users (export)

I would recommend Panorama X for any database task. My module does all of the things you list and more. It’s part of a sales generation program which finds clients, from whom you can start projects.