Procedure windows not closing

I’m getting some weird (and frustrating) behavior I have partially reported before. I open a file and open a procedure window. Sometimes the toolbar is there, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes I can bring up the toolbar, sometimes I can’t. When I have a toolbar, I click “Run” and the procedure flashes but does nothing. There is a form window open so it flashes momentarily but comes back to the procedure window. I close the procedure window but it won’t close by all known methods. I click on the form window. I choose the SAME procedure from the View menu and it opens the procedure in a new window while the old procedure window is still sitting there. I edit the procedure and close it but it won’t close. I choose “Close Database”. The form window and edited procedure disappear but the first procedure window that would not respond is still there. Close Database and Close Window are both greyed out in the File menu. I have to quit Panorama X if it hasn’t crashed by now. The changes to the procedure seem to have been saved in the process. This is happening over and over again with different files.

Might I suggest a movie of these odd actions if you are able to repeat them? Quicktime Player can create Movie or Screen recording. For others to see it happen, it becomes real.

I would suggest looking to see if Panorama is outputting any error messages to the console log. A great way to do that is to run Panorama under I wrote a post about how to do that a few weeks ago, here is the link:

Thanks for the tip. It was. I may be onto something but it will require more use of the files to be sure the problem doesn’t reoccur.

As you know, I am converting complicated databases that I didn’t write originally. The code is written in a way that sometimes makes it hard to decipher. Procedures were opening other files and using “FileMenuBar” to load menus that already existed, according to Console. I commented out that code for a few files and they seem to be behaving better. Hopefully, that’s what was making the view menu behave so unusually on all of them.

I’m still having problems with slow response to TextList searches with more than 10k records.

I’ve been working with these files for a while now and the problem seems to have gone away. Seems like Pan X doesn’t like loading menus that already exist. Makes sense.