Procedure trigger

Will there eventually be a way to trigger procedures with a key command?

See the DefineHotKeys statement. It works a bit differently than it did in Panorama 6, but actually I think it is a big improvement. Instead of having to set up a variable and look up keyboard values in the documentation, you just use the key name, for example

definehotkeys "global","control-r",{openwizard "Panorama Reference"}

What hasn’t been done yet is to set up a way to do this in the preference window, as Panorama 6 did with the Hotkey wizard. But that is just a question of finding the time to do it, the underlying feature is already there. My sense has always been that very few users actually used the Hotkey wizard, so I haven’t prioritized that.

So will importing a Pan 6 database with procedures like “Find/F” automatically create hotkey equivilants?

When you import your Pan 6 database, the procedure “Find/F” will be converted to a procedure with the name “Find” and a Menu Item Keyboard Equivalent “F”. You find all those options in the Properties panel of the procedure.

Wow, you learn something new every day. Is this new? I was previously told they all had to be recoded. Thanks Kurt.

I thought you were talking about standalone hot keys, not associated with a menu. If you are talking about command keys associated with a menu, that is something different, and well documented.

For items in the Action menu, you set the key equivalent in the properties panel for the procedure. When importing a database from Panorama 6, Panorama automatically does this for you, and then it removes the suffix (in your example /F) from the procedure name. I talked about this in this free video – “Converting from Panorama 6 to X”

If you are setting up fully custom menus, you can also set up command-key equivalents, see the key option in the menu( function.

I wasn’t specific enough. 't the Action menu, it is automatic. If you had set up your own “Search” or “Edit” menu, eg (Search), procedures under that menu are not converted. The “F” is in the properties window but it doesn’t display command F on the search menu. Guess I’ll have to review the custom menus video and redo all the menus…

I think the problem you are encountering is that you cannot override the built in Command-F for search. Apple doesn’t allow that. Panorama is telling the Apple code to put Command-F on your menu, but the Apple code refuses. So you’ll have to pick a different command-key equivalent, you can’t use Command-F because it is reserved. You should be able to use Command-Shift-F, Command-Control-F, or other combinations like that.

Ok, that’s the problem. It also explains cut, copy paste and the gang. So, to do custom menus you can no longer use the standard key equivalents. I know it’s out of your control, but it’s not a good thing.