Problème with accent

When I name fields with accent (french) I can’t use it in a formula (Qté * Unité) fails

Write that as


On a U.S. keyboard « is option-\ and » is shift-option-\. That might or might not be the key combination on your keyboard.

On the French Canadian keyboard layout, it appears that « is option-z and » is option-x.

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Thanks Dave!

Another option is to give the field a name that doesn’t use accents, but use accents in the field title.

Then the formula doesn’t need the chevron characters, this will work:


Also James – I notice that you created a Panorama X account with no payment, which means that Panorama X is bugging you to make a payment. If you want to stop that from happening, go to the Site License wizard, log off, then start up the trial again. When you decide to purchase, you would then log on and make a payment.

Thank you

Thank you I will do. Since I try you software I made some tests between filemaker pro 16 and Panorama X and your software is speed champions.

If you know any other FileMaker or Omnis users please help us spread the word! :slight_smile: