Problem using info( statement in PanX4060

Dear Jim & Dave,
Thankyou very much for recent help regarding objectaction, .initialize & .currentrecord.

Another glitch has come up the I can’t seem to fix. The Loop statement copied below results in an error message. Unknown statement: info(
Any idea what’s causing this?
PrintOneMultiple PCnt,1,2,1,1
Until info(“eof”).
Thanks, George

The problem is with the PrintOneRecord on the previous line. That statement takes one parameter. Since you didn’t supply one, it took the Until to be the parameter, and that made info( the beginning of the next statement. Change that to

PrintOneRecord ""
Until info("eof")

Dear Dave & Jim, We’re now running v. 4183.
I’m continuing to work at converting our network to PanX. Some of these files many interacting procedures and entail a daunting amount of work to find the macros and files from which a procedure might have been called. I tried to use the exportallprocedures statement to save all the procedures into a readable file for easier search and inspection, using the example provided in the directory: ExportAllProcedures “”, myProcedureSources - but nothing happened when it was run from within an old Procedure. Any advice? Thanks, George Park

Is it the extra period following the closing paren?

Did you create a field or variable named myProcedureSources? That has to be done in advance of running this statement. Then afterwards you would probably want to use the filesave statement to export the text to a text file.

Have you investigated the many new techniques included in Panorama X for searching and inspecting code? I think you might find that exporting to a separate text file is unnecessary. I find these tools indispensable for working with the 65,000 lines of Panorama code included within Panorama itself.