Problem of inadvertent data entry

This is a device I’ve provided for a non-tech-savvy user to make a limited search of a database:


The problem is that, if the user selects a field from the pop-up menu and then types in the search string without first clicking in the Search value box (a Text editor Object), the search string text is appended to the data in one of the fields in the form. This is not at all obvious to the user and is obviously highly undesirable.

How do I prevent this from happening?

I’m not sure I understand – is this part of a larger form?

Hmm, maybe I get it. You need to attach code to the pop-up menu like this:

objectaction "Search Value","open"

Of course you need to use the actual name of the object where I’ve put “Search Value”.

I was about to post that same solution - I went back to an earlier, almost identical, question for which you gave me the same answer. Thanks Jim - sorry to waste your time.

I think the statement should be

objectaction "Search Value","open"

Is that what you meant, Jim?

Yes, thank you, I have gone back and edited the original post.