Problem editing a Text Label Object in a form

Almost every time I edit a Text Label Object in a form, the text duplicates itself and gives this appearance:

I assume nobody else has this issue. If you have, I’d love to know how to avoid it. My only cure is to save the file, close and re-open it. It seems to occur only when the text has been grouped with a rectangle object and then un-grouped for editing.

same thing here.

The interesting (and perhaps worrying) aspect of this is that I recently sent a couple of databases to James - now he has the same problem as me and nobody else seems to have it.

Regular readers of this forum will be aware that I experience lots of peculiar and unique problems that nobody else can replicate.

Is it possible that I have transmitted something to James? If so, I need to be quarantined until I work out what the problem is. And if anybody has some idea of how I might address that task, I’d welcome their counsel.

I can duplicate this behavior as well so it is not a viral problem with your computer. I can clear it up by only closing and reopening the form - no need to save, close & reopen.

I’ve also encountered this. Close form/reopen form the work around I have been using as well.

I don’t know about Text Label objects, but this sounds a lot like Bitbucket issue #252

The text label issue is a graphical glitch. It (partially) results from the fact, that editing the label’s text opens an Edit mode and pushes down the text label’s contents, because a format bar is displayed additionally at the top of the window. But this push down affects the edited object only; other existing objects are not similarly pushed down, they stay where they are.

Here are examples from Michael’s Lookup Wizard.

The text duplication issue seems to differ when you open a form the first time, and when you close and reopen that form.

The first time, I got the text duplication effect, too. The second time, I got the blue editing mode as shown in my screenshot.

Ihave that since the first day I use panorama X.

Since this happens when ungrouping and then editing a label, simply regrouping will clean up the overwriting. Also if you just drag a new object onto the form and immediately delete it, the screen will redraw correctly again.

Did anyone ever solve the text duplication/overlay issue? I am experiencing the issue as well and while I can temporarily get past it with the suggestions above, it always comes back.

I even experience the issue with the “My Mailing List” database from the Panorama Database Exchange, as seen below.

36 PM

Not a solution, but another, perhaps easier, workaround:
showrectangle AREA
with an appropriate rectangle provided for the AREA parameter should redraw what you want. You can get the rectangle of an object with objectinfo( and plug it it.

The optical glitch happens here, too, when I open that file (downloaded from Database Exchange), as it is: the data sheet in the background, the form “Names” in front, and then navigating through the names in the Text List object.
The glitch does not happen any more, when I close the form and reopen it.
I created a .Initialize procedure that closes the form “Names” when it is open and reopens it immediately. That seems to work.

if info("windows") contains "Names"
    window "My Mailing List:Names"
openform "Names"

This is still happening:


And, at times, I have to chase a text item around the Form like it’s a startled rabbit. Is a fix in the works?

With the assistance of an Apple engineer at WWDC, I came up with a potential fix for this in June. Unfortunately, I used it on my system for a while and discovered that the fix caused repeatable crashes. I think crashes are worse than this problem, so I took the fix back out. This is not going to be an easy problem to resolve.