Printtopdf problems

Unable to get printtopdf to scale when printing a form, I set up a test file with one form containing only a large Text Label object, and one procedure containing

openform "Form_A"
printtopdf “Test.pdf”,“scale”,0.5

Running the procedure produces a pdf file of the form but at full size instead of 50%. Changing the scale makes no difference to the output.

Is this how printtopdf is supposed to work?

David Duncan

Unfortunately there is a bug and print scaling does not currently work when printing or printing to a PDF.


Almost all of the P6 files we use regularly output forms either on paper or as pdfs, and almost all are scaled.

I can live with not being able to set scaling differently for each form in a PX file if printtopdf is able to scale, but I don’t see how I can use PX at all if it can’t scale any print/pdf output.

I see you entered this as bitbucket issue #613 but it’s dated November and its priority is minor! Is this likely to be fixed in the immediate future?


I’m sorry, but that is not likely. Unfortunately, it appears to be a major project to support scaling (unless I am missing something obvious).