Printtopdf on server

Is it possible to printtopdf to a file using PanoramaX Server instead of a client database?

I tried to and nothing happened, unless of course I did something incorrectly.

I’ve never tried that. I assume you are trying to do this in web code? I think there could well be a problem, because this statement prints based on the current window, and there is no current window. On the server, there are no windows, everything is done in “secret” windows. I’ve made a note to investigate this at a later time.

You are correct Jim, I thought having Panorama X Server generate a pdf would be much simpler than a pdf library for a web server.

I have yet to try it on Pan X, but on Pan 6 I have Enterprise Server handing off a lot of tasks for Panorama to handle. The primary objective being to keep the server as free as possible to handle serving.

Report generation, creating PDFs, zipping and emailing are among the tasks Panorama can handle nicely. Using the timers in Pan X, you can have Panorama watch a folder to which Panorama Server saves files or triggers for the tasks.

Hi James,

Thank you, I was using Pan X on a different computer to do some things that the server could pass off but it did not occur to me to do that for reports. Quick question, are you passing to Pan X installed on the server or to Pan X on a different computer? Pros / Cons for each approach?

As noted I have yet to do it with Pan X but certainly plan to. With Pan 6, I run them on the same machine and expect to continue that practice. They’re separate apps and play well together. I’ve not encountered any cons.