PrintToPDF for groupup records

Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope I explain this understandably - here goes, I have 4 report tiles on a form for printtopdf: Header, Data, Summary (1) and Footer. My procedure selects records of a given fiscal year, groupup of the 260+ university departments, displays 17 different fields in columns on the data report tile, calculates totals for certain fields, and displays the totals at the end of each department on the summary tile. The header tile has Title information as well as displays in a TEO the field names for department number and Name. In Pan6 each department displayed properly with number/name at the top of each page, the data fields followed by the summary at the end of each group. If the last page of a group only had a few lines of data… the summary would be at the bottom and the next group (department number/name/data/summary) would be at the start of another page. In PanX groups are not separated and the header tile only displays the first department number/name. Data and summary information continues on each page after page. Also, when the procedure completes the pdf displays behind my form and the beach ball continues to spin until I have to force quit. My database has over 48k records. If I printtopdf a single department using the criteria described above (a different procedure button) - that works fine.

If you want to send me a file that demonstrates this, along with detailed instructions, I will look at it and see if this is a Panorama problem or something in your code.

Hi Jim, I sent the files July 6 by my office email to your email… haven’t followed up cause I know you’ve been very busy. Just wondering if you received? Thanks, Dusty

Note to all – please do not send me email with a subject that begins with [Panorama Discussion Forum]. If you do, it will automatically routed into a folder in my email client and I will never see it.

Dusty, that is what happened to your email. I have just now retrieved it from the hidden folder and will look at it when I can.

Oops… sorry Jim! I appreciate very much your all your help and know you’ll take a look when you can. I’m off to visit my fiancé in Hawaii later this week - so no big hurry :smile:

That sounds like a win win situation!