Printing grouped objects

I’ve just created a new simple database for generating invoices. It’s gone very smoothly except for a glitch with printing:
Having arranged a form to my liking, I grouped the objects so I didn’t accidentally rearrange them. Printing the form worked beautifully for the ungrouped objects, but just showed a mess of boxes for the grouped objects.
(As a side issue, I haven’t figured out how to move multiple selected objects successfully - after I select the objects I want, I need to click on one of them to move the group, and that one is unselected and left behind, with the remainder moving as expected. I assume there’s a trick for this that I haven’t figured out, and would be grateful if someone could illuminate me).

Typically I’ll drag a rectangle around a group of items and then click and drag on any selected item.

Robert Ameeti

There is definitely a problem with printing grouped objects. I’ve filed a bug.

It sounds like you are pressing the SHIFT key — that would produce just the results you are describing. If you need to press the SHIFT key because you want the drag to be absolutely horizontal or vertical, you must start the drag first, then press the SHIFT key after you start dragging.

I’m sure that is exactly what is happening. No need at all to use the shift key in this situation, but its just force of habit. Thanks for the explanation.