Print in 2 columns from View-As-List

Is it possible to print in 2 columns from View-As-List form?
Or lay out the form in two columns?
Address labels can be printed as 2 or 3 column pages, but I can not figure out how to transfer this to a list in two columns.

You might copy the list, divide it in half, assign two variables A and B, with A as the first half, B as the second…then display each variable side by side on a form. Not sure how that would work for a long list however…

You do not need view-as-list. Just make a two-column form and print the selected records, which could be the entire database.

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I should have done that , because using view as list and a 2 column form caused crash. Now, Panorama X 10.2 b30 Update crashes on startup… darn