Preview/Print Image Display Object Fix Status

Image Display Options must be set to ALIGN to “Scale to Fit” for the images to show in “Preview” or to be printable. The photos then become distorted. This bug has been identified way back in 2018. I am using version 10.2.0.b24 and it still is not fixed. This severely limits the capability to accurately show photos, a Mac standard. Is there any plan to get this bug fixed??

Bugs aren’t really fixed via a “plan”, they are mysteries to be solved. Some bugs are simple, the equivalent of finding the shooter standing over the body with a smoking gun. Others offer few clues and can remain unsolved for a long time. Unfortunately, this bug is in the latter category.

I can tell you that this bug is definitely an active, high priority item on the list, and significant resources have been expended on it (including in the last 3 months), but so far the mystery persists. Note that this feature does work on older versions of macOS, but stopped working after an Apple update. It’s beginning to appear that it might require a new bug fix from Apple, or a complete rewrite of Panorama’s image display code to avoid use of Apple code. This is not the only high priority item on our list, or even the highest priority at the moment, so I cannot provide a timetable for a solution. But it won’t remain unsolved forever.

Thanks for your reply Jim, and I appreciate your efforts. I’ve been a client since the days of Overvue. The capabilities of Panorama are way way beyond my capabilities but I still use it every day for my basic needs.