Possible to vary cell height in Matrix object?

Hello, hope your new week is going great.

I’ve been searching the help and forum, but I think I’m using the wrong terminology. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have records in a matrix autosize their height based on their individual tallest fields, like this:

TIA for any direction, and have a great night.


Sorry, only fixed height rows are supported in a Matrix object.

Depending on your application, and your skill with HTML/CSS, you might be able to use a Web Browser object to create a display like this. But it’s not a standard Panorama feature.

No worries, thank you. One less thing I have to learn :wink:

I’ll put the web browser object on my “long term learning plan.”


There’s not much to the web browser object itself, but people make entire careers out of learning HTML/CSS/Javascript! I have some knowledge in that area but I’m far from an expert. I do have some Lynda.com classes queued up for when I have some additional time – probably in 2027 :slight_smile:

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Hilarious. I feel the same way. This tech stuff takes time, huh?