Possible strange behaviour of `NewSearchGadget` statement

I’m experiencing some extremely odd behaviour with the NewSearchGadget statement and I need somebody to see if they can duplicate it.

The first time I ran the example from the Help file, it did what I expected. I then removed all options and ran the default - the output had no search box and no search text could be entered, although the ClearButton has a full-width container. instead of a 22-pixel square container.

Thereafter, I’m unable to create a gadget with a search box, even after quitting and rebooting. I haven’t tested every option yet, the Bathurst 1000 km race (think NASCAR on steroids) is about to start and I have to go.

Both the example from the Help file and newsearchtext "" produced search gadgets that I could enter text into. A text display object showed that the text I was typing was being entered into the variable. The ClearButton had the same 22 pixel square dimensions both times.