Possible crash with GroupDown

Using zlog, I’ve traced a possible bug to using “GroupDown” without a “by day” etc option on a text field in a procedure. About half of the time, that one statement causes Pan 10.2 to crash. Just thought I’d flag that in case anyone else has a similar problem. For now, I’m just going to add “by day” to my GroupDown statement.

Actually that didn’t help. I’m going to just disable that part of the procedure for now. For what it’s worth, the Every Week field is what’s being grouped. The current data is thus:


I have a procedure causing 10.2 into an unexpected quit which runs fine under 10.1.2. It happens at a groupup statement operating on a text field. Field has only digits as content but as text sorts and groups alphabetically. Not identical, but maybe similar. I’m working to simplify its context as much as I can. There must be more than just groupup involved as it’s part of a VERY long series of procedures which otherwise groupup without problem.

Robert, the “by day” option can only work on date fields, not on a text field.

I am wondering if the “infinite” character in the Every Week field might be the culprit.