PopUp doesn't display complex menu choices

I have successfully and extensively used complex PopUp menu choices in Pan6. A complex menu choice is an element of an array consisting of two or more items separate by a tab character. Unless I am doing something wrong, it is not possible to display complex menu choices in PanX. It might be good to add a line or two in the PopUp documentation stating this limitation.

Using menu items with tabs was not a documented feature of Panorama 6. I’m surprised it worked. Did it line up the columns somehow? In general, I’m not going to mention changes to undocumented features.

Panorama X does support styled text in menus. I’ve never tried that with tab stops, but you could try it.

To use styled text in a menu you have to use the special menu functions to build the menu, you can’t use a plain text array. You might find the arraymenuitems( function helpful.

Yes, menu items with tabs work great in Pan6, but columns don’t line up. As an untrained programmer, I often accidentally go down dark alleys where more skills programmers probably never go.

So do they just show up as spaces? If so, you could use a simple formula to turn the tabs into spaces, something like this.

popupupclick replace(...your original formula...,tab()," "),"",popChoice

If you are using the popup statement, the same idea will work – but switch to popupclick in the future, it’s so much simpler! The replace( function can also be used in a Popup Menu object.