Pop up windows outside of screen on a MacBookAir

These days, while traveling, I tried to work on my large DB with PanX using a 13" MacBookAir.

No problem generally, but I noticed a nuisance (for me).

As the main window of the DB is wide PanX makes it cover a little more than the screen, that is no problem as all field names are visible. However, If I click on a cell of the rightmost field to see its content for a given record (to read it or possibly correct it), the pop-up windows opens towards the right from the left limit of the field and thus to read the deployed cell one has to move the main window as a whole to the left.

That is not the case in Pan6 that opens correctly towards the left from the right limit of the screen, exposing the full opened cell on the screen. I think the behavior of Pan6 is correct and all pop-uo windows attached to a given main windows should stay inside the limit of the screen.

I am joining a picture of what I am trying to describe, showing the same DB opened in PanX above and Pan6 below, with one rightmost cell deployed.

IMHO it’s not a good idea to work with windows bigger than the screen. The solution is simple: Use the menu command Windows > Zoom. (Or option-click the green button in the window toolbar.)

You are correct that Panorama 6 did this – though it only worked on the main screen.

Eventually Panorama X may have this feature, but I would want it to correctly account for multiple monitors, spaces, etc. Complicated. As you say, it is a nuisance rather than a serious problem, so for now, this is on the “to-do someday” list.

To finish on this issue at this time: maybe the mechanism is already there somewhere.

Normally I have this DB at the bottom of the screen, ready to be used (screen shot 1).

Then I see that when doing a Find/Select the pop-up window of the Find/Select pushes the main window upwards to stay inside the screen (screen shot 2). If this was applied to push the main window left when opening a rightmost cell this would be perfect…


I’m just guessing here but I think the Find/Select is using standard Apple code for the dialog sheet and does the moving automatically without any additional Panorama code. The field editing popups are probably more custom Panorama code and have no handle to the auto-move code of the former. You might also notice that opening the Find/Select if your form is over too far to the side of the screen will temporarily move the form left or right as well to accommodate the full dialog width.