Pop-up menus not getting converted

I was just wondering whether anyone else has found that pop-up menus in Panorama 6 are not present when the file is opened in Panorama X.

Yes but in my case they were there but invisible in PanX. When I clicked on them and made them standard they became visible. Unfortunately if you created pop ups with some style (transparent for example with only titles showing) Pan X did not carry that info over.

Mine got converted from Pop-up Menus of Choice fields to Text Display Objects.

I suspect in Panorama 6 you had a text object on top of a transparent popup menu object. The popup menu is probably there, but invisible, as Leo mentioned. In Panorama X it’s no longer necessary to layer two objects on top of each other to do this job. You can simply add pop-up code to the Text Display object.

It might have been there in Panorama 6, but the pop-up menu definitely does not get converted.

Oh, and I was incorrect. They are getting converted to Text Label Objects.