Pop Up Editing Fields Only?

Why should Pop Up Editing be used on fields only and not variables?

If I understand your question properly I think you will find the Text Editor Object does what you want. If you set the TEO to your variable and check the Pop Up Editing box in the Options pane you will have the same action as with a field in the Data Sheet. You can resize the pop up editing box as well to any size you want the same as in the Data Sheet for fields.

Hi Gary, thank you for the reply. The reason I asked is because the help file says

“Note: The Pop Up Editing option should only be used with database fields, not variables.”

So I was just curious that I might be causing issues if I used it with a variable instead of a field.

Hmm, hadn’t noticed that warning in the Help file. I think Jim will have to answer that concern. I only tried it with a variable and saw no problem in my simple test so I can’t comment further.

In Panorama 6, data cells would not work with variables at all, you couldn’t even specify a variable. In Panorama X you can use pop-up editing with variables, but if you do, the cell will not highlight when you click on it.

Normally, a text editor will highlight the current field. So when you click once on the cell, it will highlight. But this won’t happen if the object is linked to a variable. There is no “current variable”, so no highlighting occurs. So when you single click on a text editor object linked to a variable, there is no visible effect. However, if you double click, it does open for editing. So if no highlighting is acceptable to you, you can use this mode with variables. I’ve just now updated the documentation to make this more clear.