Phantom Connections

One hypothesis to consider: is it possible that when a client computer crashes and then reopens Panorama, that secret databases (at the time of the crash) are treated differently and lead to the phantom connections?

A “secret” database is just a database that doesn’t currently have any visible windows. The server has no idea whether a database on the client has visible windows or not, and doesn’t care. (On the other hand, the client software can’t necessarily rely on window events to trigger communication to the server, which has caused problems you’ve reported in the past, which I think I’ve fixed.)

As I mentioned before, I’m going to set up instrumention in Panorama X and X Server that can be enabled on customer computers. I’m working on that right now. Once that is ready, we’ll enable it on your computers and it hopefully will generate detailed internal logs to help in tracking down problems like this with less fumbling around for clues (though still probably some).

I specialize in fumbling around so if I stumble on something useful, that will be good. But I appreciate that you will have shortly a systematic way to gather the data needed to track down problems.

Some of the data at Smith Duggan is confidential so I must be sure that any information available to Provue does not include confidential data, or to ask for a confidentiality agreement with Provue to keep it confidential there.

At the moment I’m only envisioning internal Panorama information being included in the logs, there wouldn’t be any actual database data. And I’m not planning on having information sent automatically to ProVUE, you would have to view and copy the logged information and send it, so you would have a chance to review it before sending it in. And you will have control over enabling and disabling the instrumenation, with guidance from me on how to do that.

BTW, whether by stumbling or some other process, I would say you have provided quite a bit of useful information already, so thank you again.

Sounds good.