PanX Server Crashes (two)

FYI, the server crashed this afternoon. I crashed once before, on June 16th. I am not aware of anything unusual that was occurring. A few people were using it around that time (based on the flurry of emails I got.) Is there anything you would like from me in connection with this?

That’s unfortunate. For now, let’s wait and see if b7 resolves this. If not, the new instrumentation system can hopefully provide insights.

I do have a question – are you using Apache? And if so, do you have the Local Connections Only option checked in the Server Control panel? In my experiments, leaving that unchecked could allow outside hackers to attach the server, and caused random crashes. I was experiencing random crashes on the Panorama X server on the server, when I implemented the Local Connections Only option and turned it on there hasn’t been a crash for 8 months now. However, that server is hosted on a server farm with no other computers trying to access it on the same network. I’m not sure if you can enable that if you have computers on the local network that are accessing the server (but it might work, I will need to look into the details as they are no longer fresh in my mind).

No; local connections only is not checked. I thought there was a reason not do that, but will have to read the documentation again. The server is never accessed directly from the internet. The clients are on the same subnet, or on a second subnet which has an always on private VPN between the two offices, from router to router. And me, who connects to the network over a VPN. I will check with the firm’s tech support to see if they think an outside attack is possible. The firm is about to upgrade their network equipment-routers and switches. Covid has delayed that project.

So the server is not accessible from the public internet? Am I reading that correctly?

I believe that is correct.

Ok, back to my original response, let’s see if b7 resolves this, and if not, check out the instrumentation.

That makes sense to me.