Panorama's dock icons are sometimes folders

Some of my Panorama file icons are displaying as folders instead of the Panorama file icon when I click and hold on the Panorama X icon in my Dock. Are others seeing this? They do properly display the extension as I have that option enabled, but the icon is wrong. Ideas?

I have a couple of those. This would be a Mac thing, not Panorama. I am seeing it in another application, as well.

A Panorama X document is a package, that is, a directory which appears in the Finder as a file rather than as a folder as directories usually do. If viewed across a network using another OS which doesn’t have the concept of a package it will always appear as a directory, not as a single file.

I have occasionally found packages (e.g. applications) appearing briefly as folders rather than as file icons, but never consistently and never for long.