Panorama X Sign Up FAQ link broken

Panorama X v. 10.1.2
In the Sign Up dialog, the FAQ link is broken, throwing a 404 error on Then, the FAQ link on THAT page is also broken. (I’m just sayin’ …)

Thanks! The page it was pointed to was removed when Panorama 6 was discontinued. I’ve fixed the link (though of course it won’t really be fixed until the next version of Panorama X is released).

Really? I can’t find any broken links on that page, the FAQ link definitely works for me. Can you pin this down exactly for me?

The 404 page apologizes politely, then has a list of links. The 2nd link is entitled:

*Frequently Asked Questions — general, free trial, pricing, security, upgrades

and when I click that link, I am taken to the same 404 page. I noticed that the actual URL grows longer with each click on the link, like this:

This is the 404 page you are seeing, right?

The second link on the page is Frequently Asked Questions, and as you can see this is a correct link that goes to a valid page, at least on my computer. I hope there is not some man in the middle attack so that you are seeing something different in Japan than I am seeing here. Here is the page I see when I click on this link. It looks to be the correct FAQ page, as designed.