Panorama X on an iPad?

This may be a remedial question but I was hoping to build a program on Panorama X via my Mac that I then could use on an iPad when I am at a client’s home. Is it possible to use Panorama X on an iPad?

This question is addressed on the Panorama X FAQ page.

Since Panorama X is written in Objective-C, the foundation is in place to make it available on iOS, and we plan to do that once the OS X version is complete.

At this point, it is still premature to put any kind of time frame on an iOS version of Panorama X, but it is definitely on the roadmap.

So since 10 has been released is it also ready to be used on an iPad?

It’s released for macOS. It will probably be at least a year before an iOS version is available.

Ok got it. Thx!

Brandy Archie
Please excuse the typos

The order of operation must be Enterprise X Server, then iOS.

But I must share that the arrival of an iOS version will break open the floodgates from my perspective. I can easily see a quick 2-3 dozen purchases of an iOS iPad version. Thinking about the opportunities makes me shiver.


Any timeline in sight towards iOS version yet? Inquiring minds wanna know :slight_smile:

If you go back and look at Robert Ameeti’s answer, he has the right idea about the roadmap. There won’t be any work on an iOS version done until Enterprise X Server is complete.