Panorama X in Sidecar on iPad?

Has anyone had experience using Panorama X on iPad with Sidecar?

(I don’t currently have hardware that supports Sidecar, but will probably getting upgraded hardware in the next few months.)

I’ve never tried Sidecar, but my understanding is that it simply lets you use the iPad as an external monitor. Panorama definitely works on external monitors, so I would certainly think it would work on Sidecar. Of course that isn’t really running Panorama X “on the iPad”, you would be using the keyboard and pointing device attached to your Mac, and running the software on your Mac. So it’s not like you can wander off and use Panorama on the iPad on it’s own.

I’ve just reached requirements to try Sidecar so can’t claim ‘experience’ with it. But rudimentary testing shows I can display a PanX window on my iPad and operate it from Mac’s trackpad or keyboard. Seems more useful with the iPad set for landscape rather than portrait mode. There are likely variations I haven’t tried, but automatic support for new features like this was part of what Jim was aiming for in rewriting Panorama into PanX with standard Mac code. I’m guessing it works like multiple displays of other sorts, which I’ve NOT tried but recall Jim and others saying worked fine. I’d expect PanX’s ability to place window(s) where you specify programatically will work on both the regular and iPad displays if you just provide the correct rectangle, but haven’t tried that.