Panorama X File Open Crash

I am starting the Panorama X application from the Dock, then “File Open”, the open file dialog opens and Panorama X quits. If I count to 5 and then select “File Open” it does not quit. If I select “File Open” immediately after then menus change, it quits.

I can confirm this behavior. Starting Pan X from the dock and then immediately selecting File -> Open… will crash Pan X or open a window with recently accessed Pan files and then crash about two seconds later.

Starting Pan X from the dock and then selecting File -> New -> New Empty Database does not result in a crash.

MacOS 10.12.6 with version 0.9.002 (2495) of Pan X.

I was also able to duplicate this crash. It may be very difficult or impossible to fix as from the crash report it appears that the crash is happening entirely in Apple’s code. Also, the crash doesn’t happen when running under the Xcode debugger. The good news is this is an unusual situation, and there is no lost work. Steve, good job in tracking down a very accurate description of how to duplicate the problem. Bravo!

See this Bitbucket issue for more details.