Panorama X Build 2648 Release Notes

If all goes to plan, the release of Panorama X 10.0 will be officially announced in the next 36-48 hours. However, loyal forum readers can get a head start now, since I have just uploaded the 10.0.0 release version. As always, you can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

The changes from last week’s 0.9.008 version are very minor:

  • In arraybuild( function (and probably other functions that scan multiple records), a formula with an incorrect field/variable name no longer causes a crash.

  • Corrected handling of links and special characters in Open Graph Protocol meta tags.

  • Minor adjustments to Site License wizard.

  • Minor changes to documentation.

In addition to the new version of the software, there is also a completely new web site:

Sometime in the next day or so, this new web page will be moved from this url to become the main web page.

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In the words of Lewis Carroll, O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

And it’s really 1.0 isn’t it?

What is the expectation about Panorama Server?

No, 10.0 is correct. Like so many other aspects of this project, I’m following Apple’s lead. The first version of OS X was 10.0, so is the first version of Panorama X (“ten” = 10.0). I’m planning that major new versions will be 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 etc.

Congratulations in reaching this incredible milestone. What a journey from OverVUE 1.0 to Panorama 1.0 and now Panorama X.

You deserve great success for continuing to build upon what a 1985 MacUser magazine declared to be the best database for the Mac. It still is.


Congratulations to Jim and the Provue team on the release on Panorama X - job well done! Also, thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in the “early user/tester” program. I certainly learned more than I contributed. Finally, the new Provue website looks great. It is a lighter, brighter and more modern look - much like Pan X.

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Nice to see Panorama X in Macintouch today!