Panorama X 10.2.0 b9 Build 3435 Release Notes

This version must be manually downloaded and installed (as I expect for all beta downloads for the forseeable future). Here is the link.

To update Panorama X Server:

  • Start by updating
  • Launch Panorama X
  • Open the Preferences dialog, switch to the Server pane
  • If Panorama X Server is running, stop it
  • Start Panorama X Server. It will automatically update before launching.

This version is mostly about client/server fixes:

  • Fixed synchronization so that it will work even if the database has security settings that don’t allow code to access the list of procedures, and the user is logged in using a reduced priviledges role. Also fixed a number of other places where priviledge problems could occur.

  • Panorama Server now updates the last sync time as the database is modified on the server, not just on the client. This isn’t necessary for server operation, but keeps this value current in case the server database is later downloaded to a client.

  • When starting a new generation, and in the Server Admin window when displaying a databases active users, Panorama Server now cross checks the session list within the database with the master server session list. If for some reason a session is no longer active but is still listed in a database (apparently this happens sometimes, though it shouldn’t), the database entry will be automatically updated to remove the expired session. In the case of a new generation, this allows the operation to proceed without a warning that other users are using the database (since they really aren’t). Ideally it would be better to make sure this never happens, but for now this fix makes Panorama Server more usable if it does happen.

  • The truncated View menu displayed when some wizards are active (for example the View Organizer) now has been expanded to three items, to account for the new View Search command in the menu.

  • When printing variable height text (expand or expand/shrink), Panorama now considers empty text to be zero height (actually not quite zero, still leaves space for vertical padding and descender).

  • Improved error handling of internal code that communicates with, especially if is off-line.

We had a relatively busy day with every beta tester using PanX and we had zero crashes and zero phantom connections.

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