Panorama X 10.2.0 b8 Build 3424 Release Notes

This version must be manually downloaded and installed (as I expect for all beta downloads for the forseeable future). Here is the link.

No new features in this release, just bug fixes for new problems found in the b7 release.

  • No longer crashes when creating a new database.

  • During the first 5 seconds after launch, Panorama will delay a server query for up to 5 seconds waiting for the server to appear in Bonjour. It won’t wait any longer than necessary. If Panorama is launched by double clicking on a shared database, this gives Bonjour time to find the server. Once Bonjour has been running for a while, this delay is no longer necessary. This fix allows you to double click on a shared database to launch Panorama, the database will open and connect to the server. Note: There is a known bug here that I wasn’t able to figure out. If you select two or more shared databases in the FInder and launch Panorama (by dragging them to the Panorama icon or using File>Open), only one of the databases will connect to the server. The others open but do not connect. Unfortunately, if I enable instrumentation to investigate, it starts working perfectly! So for now I have given up on this, at the moment I have no idea how to pursue this further.

  • OpenSecret no longer attempts to run .Initialize procedure if the database is shared (this was a new bug in b7).

  • ConnectToServer no longer triggers the .Initialize procedure or auxiliary databases.

  • The ConnectToServer statement now works synchronously, so it is guaranteed that any code after the connecttoserver statement will run after the connection is fully complete (including downloading a new generation, if needed).

  • When opening a shared database, Panorama now runs any .Initialize code and opens any auxiliary databases even if shared database was unable to connect to the server when opening.

  • The instrumentation panel is no longer grayed out, and procedure libraries are now listed in alphabetical order in this panel.

  • Edited the Debug Instrumantation documention to show how to save custom configurations in (thanks to Gary Yonaites).

  • When you click on the Console icon in the Instrumentation panel to open the Console app, Panorama now checks to see if there is a PanoramaX filter installed in the console, and if so, makes it active. Note: This requires that Panorama be enabled in the Accessibility Panel of System Preferences, and even then isn’t always reliable in my tests. This is not documented except in this note, because I don’t want to take support emails about this feature, and I couldn’t get it to work reliably.

  • In Preferences Instrumentation panel, you can now right click on any procedure to open it. This provides an alternate method to quickly open procedures (especially library procedures) for viewing or editing. (Ok, this is one new feature, but it’s not documented except here in these notes.)

  • Corrected mathematical error in val( function documentation examples showing calculation of radius, per David Thompson.

Excellent! Thanks, Jim! :smiley: