Panorama X 10.2.0 b5 Build 3265 Released

This version must be manually downloaded and installed (as I expect for all beta downloads for the forseeable future). Here is the link.

The changes in this release are:

  • Panorama now drops the connection to all shared databases when it quits, as it should have all along. (I double checked to make sure this also works with secret databases.) Related, there is a new statement called DropAllSharedDatabases that disconnects all shared databases from all servers.

  • Panorama Server now properly handles a client re-connecting after a client crash, without manually having to kill the previous session.

  • Automatically synchronizes when a shared database is opened (d’oh, forgot to do this before).

  • Panorama client now automatically logs off the server when the last shared database is closed.

  • Implemented the dbshared( function (for compatibility with Panorama 6).

  • Implemented the synchronize, forcesynchronize, synchronizeall and forcesynchronizeall statements (for compatibility with Panorama 6).

  • Added documentation of the dbinfo( client/server options. See the documentation page for this function for details.

  • Fixed the Text Editor Object “OPEN” action, it got broken in the b3 beta.

  • Fixed intermittent stop timer error in Server Admin wizard when switching from Databases to Server panel.

Thank you for all of the bug reports :grinning:

This looks fantastic. Two weeks ago, I was so confounded by the failure of databases to sync and connect to the server that I was very discouraged about the state of the project. Now I see that virtually all of those issues have been resolved the recent changes, and my better understanding of what is going on.
*** Never mind: it appears I had somehow installed an earlier version of PanX. Now this statement is back. Sorry if you saw this and did something, but I suspect you are asleep given the time there.
By the way, it appears that info(“server connection”) is gone. Was that intentional?*****

There is no space in info(“serverconnection”), or any info function for that matter. I just checked and this function is working for me.

However, it’s definitely possible that I might have missed something, as I did with the dbshared( function and synchronize. If you do find a missing function or statement, please let me know, it probably was just an oversight rather than an intentional decision (other than documented cases like setservervariable).

Spell checker inserted a space. I agree that info(“serverconnection”) function is working; my note was meant to correct my original statement–I had somehow installed an older version of PanX. Once I corrected that, all was good. So far, everything looks good. Still waiting for Smith Duggan to tell me that I can do a test there. All they have to do is say okay and I will do everything, so it couldn’t be any easier for them.

They are still working in their office??

No, they are working remotely, by controlling their office computers. I connect to a vpn and then use Apple Remote Desktop.

Excellent. I was thrown off by your use of the word “there”, but it makes sense now that you’ve explained it :slight_smile: