Panorama X 0.9.008 Build 2638 Release Notes

Panorama X 0.9.008 is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

This release contains a handful of bug fixes, and a new training movie.

  • Added new movie to Panorama Video Training wizard: Basic Automation.

  • In the Find/Select dialog, if the user double clicks on a record that isn’t currently selected, Panorama now offers to add the record to the current selection and then find it (before it would just close the dialog in that situation).

  • A formulafill that uses a superlookup( with a grabdata( function back into the original database now works correctly. Note that this fix only applies to formulafill – other scanning operations like select, find, etc. still do not work with this combination.

  • Double chevron notation is now allowed in the Morph Field dialog. Note – when using double chevron notation in a superlookup(, the formula does not show the correct values in the preview area. But it does produce the correct values when the Morph button is pressed.

  • Panorama now has better protection against programming errors in custom functions and libraries. If an error is detected, a notification will appear, but the initialization process will continue and Panorama will run normally.

  • The RegisterCustomFunction statement now has an alias – RegisterFunction. This is the name that this statement had in Panorama 6. Please note, however, that Panorama X requires the formula to be quoted, Panorama 6 did not.

  • Timer code (including .Initialize procedures) now work even if they end with a // comment. (A customer had submitted a database where the .Initialize procedure didn’t run because it ended with a // comment.)

  • All help pages now include Open Graph Protocol meta tags, which makes a nice preview show up if a link to the page is pasted into Discourse, Slack, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Fixed two typos in generatedataarray( error messages.

  • Added error checking to AddLines statement so that if an error occurs, the error message will mention AddLines instead of displaying a cryptic message based on the underlying error.

  • Fixed crash that could occur when clicking on an empty row in a Matrix object.

  • Minor documentation corrections submitted by David Thompson.