Panorama X 0.1.031 Build 2311 Release Notes

Panorama X 0.1.031 is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

The big news for this release is that Panorama X now includes a procedure recorder, much like the one in Panorama 6. In fact, I think it is even better, since you can actually see the code appear immediately as you perform each operation, and you can edit the code even while the recorder is running. Another big new item is that a program can now print directly to any printer, with full control over common print settings. There is also lots of new documentation, and quite a few bug fixes.

  • Implemented a “tape recorder” for automatically writing procedure code. Most data operations can be recorded, but not clicks on specific spots, window configuration changes, field configuration changes, opening/closing databases, graphics or procedure editing.

  • Over 120 new pages of documentation, including the procedure recorder, Action menu, summaries and data morphing (Chapters 10 and 12 of the Panorama 6 Handbook).

  • Added crash trapping code so that when Panorama X is relaunched after a crash, a detailed crash report including full stack trace is uploaded to ProVUE for analysis. If you do experience a crash in Panorama X, please relaunch it soon so that the data is reported to us.

  • The printtopdf statement has a new “Printer” option that allows it to print immediately to any specified printer ("" for default printer), instead of creating a PDF file. There is also a new info(“printers”) function that returns a list of all available printers, and an info(“printer”) function that returns the current default printer name. Also, the printtopdf statement now stops with an error if the path specified for the PDF file is not valid.

  • Added the Shift Data Left/Shift Data Right commands in the Morph submenu. This operation could be done with the Morph All Fields Dialog, but now is much easier and faster, and is very handy for cleaning up imported data when all of the columns don’t quite line up (see Shifting Data Left & Right).

  • The mouse cursor was not properly changing from an arrow into a resize cursor around the edges of the Input Window. Now it’s much easier to resize the Input Window.

  • Resizing Input Window vertically now works even if the window is shorter than the radio buttons inside the window.

  • Changing the list of choices associated with a field now automatically sets the height of the Input Window associated with that field (if the field is in Automatic Editor mode).

  • Added Running Total, Running Difference and Remove Detail to the menus. Added Outline Level and Expand/Collapse to Field>Analyze submenu (these items are also in the menu attached to the Sum button in the toolbar).

  • The lookup( function (and related functions) now works correctly with printing, matrix, and view-as-list forms.

  • Sorting of a field containing choice values now works correctly.

  • The importdatabase statement (and the Import Database wizard) now always correctly imports using the matchingfields option even if the database being imported has fewer fields than the recipient database.

  • Fixed selectwithin and selectadditional so that the seq() function only counts selected records, now works the same way that Panorama 6 did. Also made these statements faster.

  • Now caps the Find/Select Dialog at 12 query rows.

  • The Text Export Wizard now works correctly with Choice fields.

  • Added new chevronquoted( function, adds chevrons to text if needed to make it a legal Panorama token. Useful when building your own code on-the-fly.

  • The val( function now ignores thousand separators in the number. For example, in the US, val("1,234.56") will now return 1234.56, instead of 1.

  • The databaseexportcsv and databaseexporttsv statements now correctly export only the visible (non hidden) field names on the first line of the exported file.

  • Added new options for dbinfo( function – “visiblefields” and “hiddenfields”.

  • The statement sequence "" now sets the start to 1 and bump to 1, just like Panorama 6 did. Also, the sequence statement now resets after each summary record, again just like Panorama 6 did.

  • Implemented the groupseq() function.

  • Added the new SlideData statement, which can shift the columns to the right of the current column left or right.

  • Fixed morph favorites (they didn’t work at all!).

  • Fixed the Morph Field dialog “Formula” option, which didn’t work when morphing a numeric or date field.

  • When adding a new row to the end of the Summarize & Analyze dialog (after the Outline Level), now defaults to Sort Down by the same field used for math. This is the same way that Panorama 6 worked.

  • Panorama X now checks the height and width of static image objects before they are imported from Panorama 6 to X. If the height or width is zero or negative, the image object is not imported, and a message is written to the console. This affects images created with some extremely old graphics programs (like from the 80’s and early 90’s).

  • No longer update database twice when choice palette value changes (so doesn’t add twice to Undo stack and doesn’t run side effects twice).

  • Documentation corrections from William Conable and David Thompson.


Thank you!