Panorama X 0.1.024 (1938) Release Notes

Panorama X 0.1.024 (1938) is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

This is a minor bug fix release, no change to the version number since there are zero new or changed features.

  • No longer can make elastic objects negative size my shrinking the window too far. The elastic object will still shrink almost to zero size, but not negative size – further shrinkage is ignored even if the window gets smaller (fixes issue #202). This also fixed a problem with the Help window.

  • Panorama now ignores clicks in the empty area of tab panels (instead of triggering the associated procedure). Only clicks in the actual tab panel buttons trigger the procedure.

  • Made a change that hopefully fixes the problem of forms sometimes opening with the property inspector panel visible. But since the problem couldn’t be reliably duplicated, this may or may not fix the problem.

  • Minor changes to processing payments and account management, including allowing 4 digit CVC codes (required for AMEX).

  • Assorted minor documentation corrections.