Panorama on iCloud Drive

I’ve got non-Apple apps, such as BBEdit, Dropbox, TechTool, and QuickKey that get listed as apps available to use iCloud Drive to store documents and data. Is it possible to add this capability to Panorama X?

( I know there’s not much else on the To-Do list )

You can make one yourself in the Finder.

I’m not sure what you’re suggesting that I can make, or how. I can certainly put files into the iCloud Drive on my Desktop.

What I’m referring to though, is the list of applications that appears in iCloud Drive options. You can check or uncheck those apps to have them automatically store files in the iCloud Drive. I’ve not seen any way that I can add an app or folder to the list.

You can just make a Panorama folder on iCloud drive and save files to it. Once you start saving files to it from Panorama, they will go there. If you save them someplace else, you will have to navigate to it again, but that is the same with every application.

Warning: Keep in mind that files saved to the iCloud drive do not get updated on iCloud immediately.

A downside to that is in the iCloud design. All devices using the same iCloud Drive get the complete downloaded folder. There’s no way to use iCloud Drive and not get them since there’s no option to uncheck an added folder in the iCloud Drive Preferences. For apps that are listed, I can use iCloud Drive with a different selection of apps on each device.

If Panorama X was listed there, I could share files between selected devices and not others.

A quick read of some Apple developer docs on the subject would suggest this is not going to happen with Panorama X. The main problem is that only applications sold through the App Store are allowed to incorporate this feature. Another example of Apple trying to control the horizontal and the vertical.

Thanks Gary, but doggone it !!