Panorama Classic "fuzzy" Backup using Chronosync


Does anyone know if Panorama is able to tolerate a “fuzzy” backup and use this type of backup if a restore from such a backup is required? We use Chronosync to backup Panorama daily at 1 am in the office. There have been 2 times where we had to restore one of the Panorama databases from the Chronosync backup, both times successfully. However, any changes made during the day since the previous backup are lost.
I asked Econ Technologies, the Chronosync vendor if it was able to take “fuzzy” backups (a backup with a file(s) open and he did state that Chronosync is able to due a backup unless another application has an exclusive lock on a file, in which case a “file in use” error will be issued. Does Panorama put an exclusive lock on a file if it is open on perhaps only when it is being written/saved? If not, then we would like to schedule a mid-day Chronosync backup so that is a restore situation should arise the number of changes lost would be minimized rather than having to use the lose all changes since the once daily 1 am backup.
Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Maybe you already have more backup options than you think. Do you know about Panorama 6’s Time Lapse feature? You find it in the “Panorama Handbook” on Page 67.

Yes, Panorama does put an exclusive read/write lock on open files. I’m not sure if that would affect Chronosync though, since presumably Chronosync only needs to read the file, not write it.

As Kurt mentioned, you should also look into Time Lapse.

Thanks for your responses. I will look at Time Lapse.


Regarding Chronosync, it gets an error if it tries to do a bi-directional back up of a Panorama file that is open on another computer. It will backup open files on the active computer. It’s using the last saved copy on disk. For lack of better terms, it can push the backup of an open file but cannot pull a backup of an open file.

Call me paranoid, but besides Time Machine, I have Chronosync doing a number of scheduled backups to external drives, as well as keeping my computers synchronized with bidirectional synchs.