Panorama 6 to Panorama X upgrade issues

Looking for any feedback on general issues that people have encountered in going from Panorama 6 to Panorama X, not specific problems but just to get an idea on whether people have found the transition fairly smooth and problem free or have encountered several issues.
There is somewhat of a hesitation at the office of upgrading because of past experiences with upgrades, not just Panorama, but other upgrades as well that has made the owner somewhat “gun shy” of moving to Panorama X.
So we just looking for any comments on how smoothly or bumpy the upgrade has generally been for people. Thanks for any feedback.

Unlike previous Panorama upgrades, you probably can’t just jump in and start using Panorama X without some study. There are too many significant changes. There is a help page called “Importing a Panorama 6 Database”, which is a good place to start. You can also view this page on the web.

We’ve also prepared over an hour of video to help with the transition. You can find these in the Help menu, on the web page, or using these links:

Converting from Panorama 6 -
Panorama 6 to X: Basics -
Panorama 6 to X: Form Design -
Panorama 6 ro X: Programming -

Watching these videos will go a long way toward making a smooth transition from Panorama 6 to X. Exactly how smooth will depend on how complicated your existing databases are, and how much time you are willing to put into a bit of study to learnf Panorama X.

Jim Rea
President, ProVUE Development

I would say it depends on the complexity of your file set. From my experience, graphics, some buttons, lists and matrices all need to be reworked. A good deal of the procedures need at last minor tweaking and there can be problems with printing forms. Simple files have converted rather easily. I still can’t get some of the more complex files to work as needed just yet.

Thank you.