Panorama 6 Not Retaining Activation after Logout - Login

I seem to remember a fix for this but cannot find it.

I had to wipe my new MacBook Pro and reinstall all software from scratch. Panorama 6 worked properly after the original migration when the computer was out of the box. I successfully used the FAQ to bypass all the security features in Mojave 10.14.4 and activated my copy of Panorama 6. After I log out or restart, the activation is lost and Panorama reverts to “Panorama Engine”.

In an attempt to solve the issue, I have: Copied my original Panorama folder from a backup to the Applications folder on the new computer; Installed Panorama 6 from a direct download from Provue; Installed Panorama 6 using the utility in Panorama X; and threw the Panorama preferences file in the library in the trash and emptied it. None of these attempts have been successful.

My primary Panorama database has been in service and built upon from the “Overvue” days and is going to require either a total rework or start over from scratch for all the automated features to work and that is going to take a great deal of time and quite a bit of learning Panorama X. Any guidance would be appreciated.