Pan X beta classes

Jim, thanks for a great series of classes on using Pan X and its dramatic improvements and features revealed in the classes. I appreciate the ability to review and remember, using the videos, which I find extremely helpful and easy to understand. You are a good teacher.

One thing I liked about the videos for Pan X a few years back was the ability to accelerate the video speed to jump to sections I was looking for or just to move more rapidly than normal speech to review. That would be a nice addition for the recent ones.

My future use for Pan X, is for web publishing, which was advertised in the course curricula, but which now seems relegated to the distant future. So I am disappointed in that regard, but I am excited to explore the new features of Pan X.

Click in the bottom right hand corner of the videos on the little gear icon:


And then click on the Speed option to choose the playback speed:


Wahoo! Thanks, Gary. Now, can you make web publishing magically appear?

That will cost you - a lot! :nerd_face: