Pan X as Task manager / to do list?

Has anyone implemented or examined the possibility of using Panorama X as a to do list or task manager?

The background here is examining myriad Mac task apps, wishing I had this feature from one app, this feature from another, etc. eventually getting fed up with the search. In my mind, I have the perfect feature set for the perfect task manager, but no one has had the good sense to create the perfect app that seems so obvious…in my mind. :upside_down_face:

Of course, some of that is tongue in cheek, but I do wonder whether Panorama X could be leveraged in this regard. I mean, if Pan X can simulate a bloody slot machine, then—well—what else is it capable of?! (I do need a new coffeemaker.)

I don’t see how Panorama could be used to make coffee :upside_down_face:

I’m sure Panorama has been used as a to-do list. I’ve definitely used it that way, though only in specialized areas, not in a way that would be generally useful. It all depends on how much work you want to put into building your custom application.

25 years ago I built a 7-in-1 productivity package in Panorama that was called Power Team, I’m sure some of you remember it. One of the components was a to-do list. One thing I learned from that experience was that everyone has a different idea of what a to-do list should do. I think it’s impossible to build a “one size fits all” to-do list that works for everyone, which is probably why there are so many to-do list products on the market.