Pan not adding files to recent list

Pan is not adding files to my recent files list, either in Pan, or when I click and hold the icon in the dock. It’s also not adding them to the system’s recent items list. This is new behavior since I tried (successfully) to speed my desktop up by clearing a bunch of caches, including the recent files one. I did notice that the System Prefs General tab it had changed itself to keeping just 10 items in the recents list, and I changed it back to 50, but that shouldn’t have stopped it from adding Pan files if they were the most recent thing I worked on, and anyhow, other things have been being added.
I can find the files I’m working on in the Find and Open sheet.
Any suggestions?

I suppose you have your MacOS set to keep track of a number of recent files. The default number is 10; you may want to increase that number.

Every Pan X database has an option (in File > Database Options… > General) to exclude it from the Recent Menu.

Thank you, Kurt,

I mentioned that I reset the MacOS back to 50 from the 10 that for some reason the system had switched it to. But because I had never set the Pan option to Exclude from Recent Menu, it was a great surprise to find that that option had indeed been checked for several of the files I’m working on these days. I have no idea how that happened; I would never have done it on purpose. I’ll have to make a habit of looking at it.