Orphaned Progress window

One small observation: sometimes a Progress window gets left open. I suspect that this happens if I click on a different database window while the progress bar is running. To close it, I discovered that you can click on it, then choose close database. Not a big deal; one can just ignore it. This might be another place where the ignoremouseclicks that I have previously suggested.

would be useful.

It’s not SUPPOSED to do that. I went to a lot of work to try to ensure that you could click on other windows while a background task was in progress, and not just be stuck waiting, possibly for minutes. When the task is done it is supposed to close the progress window. If you see this happen again, please check to verify that the file really opened correctly – if the progress window didn’t close other aspects of the open/synchronize process may not have properly finished up. In other words, this might not just be a cosmetic error.

I’m also concerned about your use of Close Database to get rid of this. That window belongs to an internal Panorama library. If it really is closing that database, I would think a bunch of Panorama features would stop working, for example most dialogs. I take it you didn’t notice that problem? One way to check this would be to open the Instrumentation panel and see if _DialogAlertLib is listed.

You are right about this; using close database this way causes other things to malfunction. I could see that when I selected the orphaned Progress window that the menu bar changed to the _DatabaseLib database, and I knew that that is what I was closing. (That’s the one we have been patching.)

I have opened a couple of shared databases and just started clicking randomly on windows while they were opening. That caused the Progress window to remain open, and also interferes with the .Initialize procedure in my database, resulting in errors and the failure to complete the .Initialize procedure.

One of the databases said ‘Edited’ in the menu bar; I was surprised by that. Maybe that is related to this same issue. But once I save the database, I have not seen other sync issues.

I think at this point the user needs to just avoid clicking windows and let files finish the various steps for opening.