Operational Latency

Probably not fixable, but it is troublesome.

Like clicking Duplicate button, has to be just the right not-too-fast clicks or it produces a new record, but does not duplicate the content.

Like the find function I am still having to relearn. Gotta count 1, 2 before typing the find request. (And it sure would be nice to have a SearchAllFields button in that box so I don’t have to open a button and scroll clear up to the top. This used to be an easily found function.)

Like the moving a record up or down. Too much screen drawing with swoops and bows to the audience (sorry). Or maybe that is mac setting I have that affects PanX but not other programs.

Case in point! the matronly system told me I had to have 15 characters in my title, so Latency wouldn’t do. So I said, OK, sure whatever you want fussypants. And so I started typing (trying to ignore the pushy blue warning tab that hovered over what I had first typed) and I end up with Ooperational!

Always an adventure! That’s why I’ve been using Panorama for over 30 years!!! 8^)

So I guess there is no answer to the latency problem in the overlapping, unmovable FIND windoid now? Can this be addressed? It is a problem every single day, almost every hour I use some of my mission-critical files. The old find was instantaneous, and I could hit COMMAND-F and be typing all in one swell foop. Now I have to count a couple seconds. Also, the search all fields function needs to be a button, not a possibility way at the top of a huge list in any case where there are 20 fields or more. Type is too small, too, but I doubt I will be heard to complain about that type of programming decision from on high.

I seldom need the Any field contains but often use the Formula is true option a couple lines lower on the list. I understand the joys of scrolling a list of 120 or more fields. That list defaults to starting at the currently active field. Clicking the First Field toolbar button before Command-F would be one way to start high on the listing.

PanX doesn’t limit you to the basic user interface; you can extend it yourself. I don’t think you can assign PanX procedures to toolbar buttons—probably an Apple toolbox limitation—but for rapid access you could make a procedure for the Formula is true Find/Select option and give it a hotkey:

let t=""
gettext "Search all fields for:",t
if t="" stop endif
select exportline() contains t

The power of the options crammed into the small available space for the Find/Select sheet is amazing. Jim’s posted it took him two weeks to write it. All that powerful code needs some time to run. And PanX text ≠ Pan6 text: unicode is inevitably slower than ascii. The small type is an inevitable consequence, but OSX can zoom in part of its screen if necessary. When selecting by formulas, composing the formula in a box that holds, but can’t display, the full formula can be difficult. I instead open a procedure window, or a text editor, compose there, cut and paste my longer formulas into the box.

FYI, there is a preference to default to searching all fields.

If you just want to start typing, you may also find that you want to set the Reset search criteria when opening dialog option. That way the search dialog comes up in a known state each time, ready for keyboard input.

I’m thinking you were probably using the Use “Classic” Menus option in Panorama 6, which gave you the super old Search dialog. The Panorama X search dialog is identical to the regular Panorama 6 search dialog, but the Panorama X version actually has lower latency when opening the dialog.

In that situation I don’t bother with the dialog at all, I just create a temporary procedure and type find or select followed by the formula, then run the code. If it doesn’t do what I want it’s so easy to make a change and run it again.